Tryavna is a small town in central Bulgaria, situated in the north slopes of the Balkan range, along the Tryavna River valley, near the town of Gabrovo, which is the district administrative center comprising the towns of Gabrovo, Tryavna, Dryanovo and Sevlievo.

Tryavna is famous for its textile and furniture making industry, and its historical heritage - typical National Revival architecture and crafts. It features 140 cultural monuments, museums and expositions. Tryavna is the birthplace of the Bulgarian writer Pencho Slaveykov and the revolutionary Angel Kanchev.

The town is the administrative centre of the Municipality of Tryavna. Tryavna is at an equal distance from the capital of Sofia and the sea capital of Varna - 250 km.


As of December 2009, the town of Tryavna has a population of 9,831 inhabitants.

At district level:
The natural growth rate is reduced to -12.7 ‰, which is twice as low as the average for the country (-6.0 ‰). At the same time, the age dependency ratio as a ratio of the population aged 65 and over to the age of 15-64 in Gabrovo region is the second highest in the country. The mechanical growth rate retains its high negative value of -4.4 ‰. Much of the population is concentrated in the cities - 81.8%, but the population density in the area is still lower than the average for the country.

The most reliable statistics is at national level and it shows that youth unemployment rate in Bulgaria increased to 12.40 percent in February 2019 from 11.90 percent in January of 2019.


The results of a survey conducted in 2012 on the territory of Gabrovo District show that tourism is recognized as one of the possibilities for diversification of the economy in the area to harness the existing recreational potential and providing added value to economic, social and cultural development of the area. Within the district the town of Tryavna is the most developed tourist attraction. (Gabrovo District Development Strategy 2014-2020)

Other industries include manufacturing (local and several international companies), animal breeding and beekeeping, forestry, research and development activities centered in the Technical University of Gabrovo, social and other services.


All local development plans and strategies in Gabrovo District are in line with the EU Development Strategy 2014-2020, EU Youth Guarantee and other relevant documents. As to the Youth Guarantee the discussions focus primarily on the measures related to internship and vocational training. These are the measures that have so far been realized under HRD OP.

The most dynamic sectors for economic development are manufacturing and tourism. These have proven to be the most appealing ones for new entrepreneurs, including young entrepreneurs.

The distribution of enterprises in the municipality of Tryavna by size shows that these are dominated by micro-enterprises and medium-sized enterprises. According to statistical data on the territory of the Municipality of Tryavna no large businesses are operating.


Despite the unfavorable demographic processes in the area, there has been a slight improvement in the demographic replacement rate, expressed as a ratio of the population aged 15-19 to the age group 60-64.


- Deepening of the demographic crisis

- Emigration of young, educated and entrepreneurial people

- Inadequate qualifications and low employment of the population in working age